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What is an airdrop ?

An Airdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrencies. They allow to advertising the com,pany who managing the project. It costs you nothing and can pay big on long term !

Two types of airdrops

  • By Registration :-

    Just register on the site that offers airdrop and validate your email address (like an e-com,merce site). Tokens will be available on your newly created account. You can later send them to a wallet or an exchange.

  • Distribution on wallet :-

    This time the token will be sent directly to your wallet. An email address, your ether address, a Telegram and / or Bitcointalk username and a twitter username will usually be requested via an online form

Our Goal

It's simple: participate in a maximum of airdrop.The majority of them give each participant the equivalent of $ 5 to $ 20 tokens. Accumulated them is a good strategy to build or increase capital in cryptocurrency. (Som,e airdrop like the eBTC allowed to win until $ 1700)

Be well prepared

To be successful in your harvest you will need som,e tools :
  • A wallet MyEtherWallet which will allow you to receive all token type ERC20 (under Ethereum). This is a video where everything is explained.
  • A Bitcointalk account.
  • A Telegram account. (only on smartphone)

To be reactive

Airdrops are very popular with the crypto com,munity and in addition they have a limited number of participants. Som,e of them are active only a few days or a few hours. So you have to be reagent !
For this on your com,puter and your smartphone create a note with :

  • Public Wallet address
  • Bitcointalk username
  • Bitcointalk profile URL in this form :
  • Pseudo Telegram (@pseudo)

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